Podcasts vs Spotify

Earlier this year, when Spotify announced that “The Joe Rogan Experience” would stream exclusively on Spotify, it sent shockwaves throughout the podcast ecosystem. This deal — reportedly worth over $100 million — is one of the most lucrative podcast deals. The presence of this deal, let alone the magnitude, is…

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The release of Apple M1 Silicon has laid to rest many questions about whether ARM CPUs can go toe-to-toe with the best of the bunch from Intel and AMD. The question now is not whether ARM chips can perform better…

If May and June were F1 race cars in terms of speed of AV1 development, then July would probably be a Honda Civic. After numerous exciting announcements in the previous month, July felt like everyone’s on vacation, which is probably true because summer months tend to be slow as the…

It’s been a pretty busy for me professionally which is why this month’s AV1 ecosystem update is coming in pretty late. It’s been one of the most exciting months for AV1 development and a lot to catch up on! With so much news this month, it is starting to feel…

In Azure, every VM has a persistent OS Disk that is used for booting the VM and contains the operating system. In addition to an OS disk, each VM also has a temporary disk that is present on the compute cluster hosting your VM.

Why is my OS disk not @ /dev/sda?

In most cases the OS disk is /dev/sda but in some odd cases it is not. This is not an Azure specific issue but a default Linux behavior. The ordering in which Linux enumerates SCSI devices is nondeterministic. It scans SCSI devices in the order they appear on the PCI Bus. Therefore, whichever disk is enumerated first is /dev/sda.

OK, so how to identify my disks?

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